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The Church of the Damascus Road

Carrying the message and love of Jesus Christ to others

Will​ you help make a difference?

Everyday, someone falls prey to the affliction of addiction.

Some will turn to crime in order to feed their habit and, eventually, go to prison. Others will avoid prison only to succumb to their life-altering addiction. Different outcomes but all are in pain and just looking for a handout.  

Ultimately, the end result is either death or incarceration.  We just want to save some lost souls.

With your generous donation, you can help make a difference in the lives of so many needing that new start in life.

We use Square to process online offerings and gifts. Clicking on the “Donate with Square” button below will take you to their site where you may use your credit or debit card to send your gift.

Thank you for your generous donation.

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